A32 Evolution – On the pilot side

You will find on this page all the information about the navigability of the A32 Evolution.

Informations Bulletins (IB) et Services Bulletins (SB) are accessible from this page here. The flight and maintenance manual and all the manuals / documents relating to the operation of the aircraft can be downloaded from this page. Informations Bulletins et Services Bulletins are edited by the manufacturer AEROPRAKT.

What is Informations Bulletins (IB) and Services Bulletins (SB)?

The Services Bulletins and Informations Bulletins are published by the manufacturer AEROPRAKT when it considers, for security reasons, that an action must be taken on the aircraft or one of its components to correct a problem. AEROPRAKT is particularly attentive to this information which is regularly updated.


the ballots are not necessarily intended for all aircraft in service: they may concern only a certain number of serial numbers.

There are several categories of publications:

  • The Services Bulletins (SB)
  • The Safety Alerts (SA)
  • The notifications
  • The Informations Bulletins (IB):
    • Mandatory: the modification has to be implemented for safety reason.
    • Advisory: the manufacter highly recommand the modification but does not mandate it (impacts on performances for instance)
    • Optional: the modification is not about safety reason and this is up to the owner to implement the modification or not.

Documents to download

Find here the documents essential to the good piloting of the A32 Evolution. This downloadable documentation is in French (courtesy version). The official version is in English, you will find the manufacturer’s checklists.