A22 Evolution – Features & Performance

Main features

Restricted in France at 525 kg MTOW, the A22 Evolution was developed and certified at 600 kg MTOW.
The A22 Evolution has an all-aluminum structure and coating.
The fuel supply is provided by two tanks with a total capacity of 89 liters consumable, which feed by gravity the engine fuel pump.
Firmly seated on its tricycle landing gear, cushioned by the main blade section and a hydraulic damper for the front wheel which is also combined, this A22 is equipped as standard with 600 * 6 wheels (Tundra wheels available as an option). This ultra-light knows getting off the rough courts, we can even say that it plays!

Schéma A22L2 - Caractéristiques & Performances par Aeroprakt by Pelletier


Wing span: 9.55 m
Height: 2.48m
Lengh: 6.23m


Empty weight: 321 kg
(in its basic configuration)
MTOW: 525 kg
Useful load: 205 kg


Rotax 912 UL 80 HP
Rotax 912 ULS 100HP
Rotax 912 iS 100HP

The performance of the A22 Evolution

In its basic version, this A22 is powered by the famous Rotax 912 engine in 80 hp version. This reputable and economical engine contributes greatly to the very low operating cost of the A22 Evolution. For more demanding uses such as mountain flying, glider towing, streamer towing, or float operation, 100 hp Rotax 912ULS and iS (injection) engines are optional.
The propeller equipping the A22 Evolution is the excellent Kiev Prop tripale with adjustable ground pitch. Also available as an option, In three-bladed E-PROPS propeller, or three-bladed DUC propeller.


Logo Kiev Prop - Aeroprakt by Pelletier
Logo E-Prop - Aeroprakt by Pelletier

On the engine side (and optionally), the A22 Evolution can be equipped with a DIGI EMS engine monitoring / indication system proposed by Kanardia. In addition to a precise and direct reading of the engine data, the DIGI EMS can display the intake pressure, the amount of fuel contained in the tanks, the battery voltage, the OAT, … depending on the sensors installed.

In terms of avionics, the aircraft is equipped with a VHF Trig TY91 8.33 Khz. Available as an option: a two-way intercom system with independent squelch / volume control, as well as a TRANSPONDER mode S Trig TT21 etc. This A22 can also be equipped with the Dynon range of equipment (including the SkyView system with its PFD, MFD and autopilot), or Kanardia equipment (like the NESIS III for the PFD part, but also the traditional analogue instruments / digital or the artificial horizon).


Take off distance: +/- 105 m
Landing distance: +/- 135 m
Stall speed flaps up (Vs): 63 km/h IAS (ISA and MTOW)
Stall speed full flaps (Vs0): 52 km/h IAS (ISA and MTOW)
Cruising speed: 160 km/h to 190 km/h
Climb rate: 790 ft/min to 1500 ft/min
Endurance: 5 hours to 6h15 (with 1h reserve)
R Range: 850 km to 1000 km (with 1h reserve)


Cross wind: 14 kts
Load factors: + 4.0 / -2.0
Never exceed speed (Vne): 230 km/h IAS
Never exceed speed with flaps (Vfe): 132 km/h IAS

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