Finishes and performances

The A32L is the evolution of the A22 Foxbat in its ultra-loght configuration. It was designed by AEROPRAKT after 3 years of development research based on its LSA version. Approved in France in August 2017 by the DGAC (Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile), the A32L is a ULM as “Swiss army knife” as the A22L2: its design, its finishes and its performance are even more successful. From a basic model or navigation aircraft equiped Glass Cockpit with automatic pilot, the A32L also performs as a mountain aircraft for off-road use on rough altisurfaces.

A32L - Présentation

€91 300 INCL. TAX

Ready to fly!


  • engine manufacturer warranty, propeller Kiev Prop and heats fuel;
  • VHF Trig Avionics TT91 with integrated intercom and headphone jack;
  • Kanardia I-Combo Instrument (Anemometer, Altimeter and Variometer), compass, ball;
  • Conventional motor management instruments, 12 volt socket protected;
  • Tanks: 89 liters consumables, 600 X 6 wheels with hydraulic brakes;
  • RAL color cell stain at customer’s choice;
  • Standard interior;
  • Central handle type « Y » or controller;
  • Integrated parachute Magnum Safety system 475 kg posed.

Your A32L delivered turnkey in the ATA premises, with ID card, radio compliance and full fuel.

Presentation of the A32L

The A32L is a ULM high wing metal construction. Its strengths: real STOL capabilities (Short Take-off and Landing), but above all a cruising speed of 180 to 220 Km / h. The aircraft is robust, reliable, easy to fly, and offers a range of 1000 km in flight to its fuel tank of 90 liters.

The spacious and comfortable cabin has doors with domed canopies for easy on-board access. Their generous dimensions offer an unparalleled outward view for a high-wing aircraft, providing comfort for the crew and ensuring optimum collision avoidance.

The main controlers and the hydraulic brake controlers are accessible to both crew members. The independent seats are fully adjustable, and the seat belts are 4-point harness type.

Elegance and versatility

With its structure made of aluminum, the A32L has a streamlined and aerodynamic fuselage. Its wings and control surfaces are lined, only the leading edges and the vertical fixed plane are boxed in aluminum. The depth plan is monobloc. For connoisseurs and experienced pilots, the attention of A32L designers has been focused on the exterior of the aircraft to minimize friction areas. From these evolutions results a plane that flies fast and well, even in stall and slow flight, and uses less fuel than most other ultralights. The A32L is available with wheels of different sizes allowing it to land on all types of surfaces.

Less rustic than the A22L2, the A32L offers optimal flying comfort and even depending on the options, it has constants that do not change:

Excellent flight quality and easy to fly

Excellent manufacturing quality

Prices are very competitive in regards to the quality and equipment

Excellent technical support

Spare parts of A32L

ATA by Pelletier ensures the distribution of AEROPRAKT spare parts specific to the A32L. You will find below the catalog of spare parts to download.

For any order, we invite you to contact Amandine, a treasure of efficiency and skills.

Vente de pièces détachées pour A22L2 par Aeroprakt by Pelletier à Avignon