A22 Evolution – Presentation

The off-road of the airs

The A22 Evolution is the ultimate evolution of the A22 in its ULM configuration. The aircraft has already been produced more than 500 copies ULM version, and more than 1000 copies all versions in the world.
Robust and reliable, easy to fly, the A22 Evolution is a bit like the “Swiss army knife” of the ULM with a wide range of use. From a basic model or navigation aircrafts equiped Glass Cockpit with automatic pilot, it also performs as a glider tug. The A22 Evolution is ideally suited as a mountain aircraft for its off-road use on rough altisurfaces.
AEROPRAKT also offers an option at a very competitive price a maloner allowing disabled pilots to fly on the A22 Evolution, as well as a rigid hold to store a foldable seat.

Details of equipment included (excluding options) according to manufacturer’s definition:

  • New Rotax 80HP engine manufacturer warranty, propeller Kiev Prop;
  • VHF Trig Avionics TT91 with integrated intercom and headphone jack;
  • Kanardia I-Combo Instrument (Anemometer, Altimeter and Variometer), compass, ball;
  • Conventional motor management instruments, 12 volt socket protected;
  • Tanks: 89 liters consumables, 600 X 6 wheels with hydraulic brakes;
  • RAL color cell stain at customer’s choice;
  • Standard interior;
  • Central handle type « Y ».

Ready to fly! Your A22 Evolution delivered turnkey in the ATA premises, with ID card, radio compliance and full fuel.

Presentation of the A22 Evolution

The structure of this off-road of the airs is made of aluminum, for a remarkable exterior finish. The A22 Evolution has a spacious and comfortable cabin, its doors with domed canopies articulate upwards to facilitate access on board. The generous dimensions of the windows offer an unparalleled view to the outside for a device with high wings, a guarantee of comfort for the crew of course, but also of safety especially in mountain flight.
The independent seats are fully adjustable, the seat belts are 4-point harness type.
The control of the control surfaces is ensured via an ingenious central Y-shaped handle on which is positioned the control of hydraulic brakes. The order is accessible to both crew members. A BERINGER kit is also available as an option. This A22 is equipped with two power controls, a flap control, a carburettor reheat control and a park brake control (if installed options).

After being evaluated by the FFVV (Fédération Française de Vol à Voile), the tests of A22 Evolution showed really exceptional performances , and very similar or even superior to those of a ROBIN DR400-180.

Remarkable versatility

The A22 Evolution is available with wheels of different sizes allowing it to land on all types of surfaces. It can be offered with a mountain kit for high altitude flight and glacier landers, but also with a float kit for pilots who would be rather sea. The A22 Evolution can also tow streamers or gliders. In glider towing, he is as comfortable with a light wood and canvas as a big pen like the Nimbus 4D or ASH25.



The A22 Evolution: a rustic and off-road aircraft thanks to its many options, with constant performance:

Excellent flight quality and easy to fly

Perfect manufacturing quality

Prices are very competitive in regards to the quality and equipment

Great technical support

Spare parts of A22 Evolution

ATA by Pelletier distributes AEROPRAKT spare parts specific to the A22 Evolution. Please find below the catalog of spare parts to download.

For any order, we invite you to contact Amandine, a treasure of efficiency and skills.

Vente de pièces détachées pour A22L2 par Aeroprakt by Pelletier à Avignon